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Happy New Year to you all, I hope that you have had a lovely festive period; though it does seem like such a long time ago already!

Dr Chris Goldie

I’m sorry to have to report that Dr Chris Goldie will be leaving the surgery at the end of this month – January 2016, at this time I do not have a name of a GP who will be replacing him. As with many surgeries across the country we are finding it astonishingly difficult to recruit new GPs. Our plan for February is that there will be GPs coming across from our colleagues at the Westbury White Horse Health Centre to provide cover, we are still working on our plans thereafter. In addition, Dr Helen Sangster will be reducing her sessions from 8 to 6 starting from 1st February – her weekly work pattern will be Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. Dr Tanja Buchner will be increasing her sessions by 2 a week to make-up those sessions that Dr Sangster has cut, and she will be working Tuesday, Wednesdays and Fridays.

Medication Requests

On behalf of the Reception team could I reiterate some timescales for requesting repeat medications. Of course we will always try to help in emergencies but if requests can be made in good time then this helps us all. Please ensure you request your medications 48hrs before you need them if you collect your script from the surgery, or allow 72hours if you wish to collect your script from a pharmacy. Many of you will be aware that over the last year or so we have started to use an electronic form of sending scripts to our pharmacies called EPS – Electronic Prescription Service. This is not an email service but a very secure internet service that sends the messages of which medications have been prescribed. However because there are so many different types of IT across the country no surgery can send the request direct to the chosen pharmacy. The GP ‘signs’ the script and releases the electronic version to a central IT location where it will wait until the pharmacy goes to that central system and collects the messages – so we can send the message on 1st of the month but we have little control of when the pharmacy will go to retrieve that script message. In practice of course most pharmacies will be checking for new script messages frequently throughout every working day and will get them soon enough.

Smallbrook relocation

No final, definitive answer as yet, we are very very close to being able to announce some major news regarding our relocation – watch this space.

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