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Smallbrook Surgery has a very high demand for all of our Clinician’s appointments, particularly for GP appointments, and it is vitally important that we make the best use of all the available time. The appointments where patients fail to turn up (otherwise known as Did Not Attend or ‘DNA’) are a significant waste of our resources, and directly impact on our ability to offer appointments to our patients within a timescale that is acceptable. Since May this year, we have begun writing letters, on a fortnightly basis, to those patients who failed to attend a GP appointment, and will roll this out to include DNA figures for all of our Clinician’s in the coming months. We would ask all patients to advise us if you wish to cancel your appointment, which will then allow us to offer that appointment to other patients.

DNA Figures (GP Appointments) from 15th January 2015 to 15th June 2015:-

15.1.2015 – 30.1.2015 : 23 DNA’s
01.2.2015 – 28.2.2015 : 40 DNA’s
01.3.2015 – 31.3.2015 : 40 DNA’s
01.4.2015 – 30.4.2015 : 27 DNA’s
01.5.2015 – 15.5.2015 : 15 DNA’s
16.5.2015 – 29.5.2015 : 14 DNA’s
01.6.2015 – 15.6.2014 : 24 DNA’s

Family and Friends Test (FFT) at Smallbrook

In December 2014, we started asking the FFT question at Smallbrook Surgery. The Friends and Family Test (FFT) is an important feedback tool that supports the fundamental principle that people who use NHS Services should have the opportunity to provide feedback on their experience. It asks people if they would recommend the services they have used and offers a range of responses. When combined with supplementary follow-up questions, the FFT provides a mechanism to highlight both good and poor patient experience. This kind of feedback is vital in transforming NHS Services and supporting patient choice.

The feedback gathered through the FFT is being used in NHS Organisations across the country to stimulate local improvement and empower staff to carry out the sorts of changes that make a real difference to patients and their care.

To view the question and responses please click here

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About Smallbrook Surgery

Smallbrook surgery operates out of part of the Warminster Community Hospital and looks after 4,300 patients
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