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Discussions/Matters Raised at Patient Group

Reception Training

Several patients had offered feedback that suggested this was an area of concern. This related, in particular, to patient-staff communications.

Action: The surgery is having a half-day training day in June at which time this will be addressed

Smallbrook premises

Many and various comments have been received from patients and visiting clinical staff regarding the condition, and limiting size of the premises.

Many patients will be aware that Smallbrook submitted a bid for funding to NHS England so that Smallbrook could make plans to relocate. ‘In principle’ funding has been approved and now Smallbrook is undertaking the surgery relocation project.

Action: The intention is to have a new surgery in the quickest possible – ensuring that this process allows for sufficient planning, discussion with PRG and local community.

Continuity of GPs – the difficulty of seeing the same GP on each visit.

The Surgery Manager (SM) described to the meeting how Smallbrook is set-up with regard to GPs who provide clinics. He acknowledged that turnover has seemed high but SM did explain that GPs are free to move and change jobs, as are any other employees in any organisation. GPs are in demand nationally and this allows GPs further choice and opportunities for movement/development/advancement. SM also explained that many GPs do not work full-time.

SM described Smallbrooks role as a Training Practice and how this impacts on patient’s perceptions of lack-of continuity – for example Registrars being at Smallbrook for only short length of time and then leaving. The PRG appreciated this explanation. SM advised the PRG, and any patient he sees on this matter, that a patient can, in most circumstances, request to see a particular GP, although they must be aware that this may not always be the first GP appointment available.

SM was pleased to be able to announce that an existing Registrar had recently qualified as a GP and was invited to join the surgery as a full-time GP, an invitation that was accepted

Action: Dr Helen Sangster is joining the surgery at the beginning of August 2015

Dear All,

I am very pleased to be able to announce two great items of news from Smallbrook.

Many of you will have met Dr.Helen Sangster, currently one of our Registrars in the surgery. I am delighted to announce that Helen has now passed all of her GP exams and I can confirm that she will be our new GP starting in August. I know many of our patients have provided really positive feedback regarding Helen, I have no doubt that she will continue to be a real asset to the surgery – Congratulations and Welcome Helen!

On the subject of feedback, there has been much of this related to the premises we currently occupy, and, sadly, the shortcomings it has. It is therefore terrific news to announce that yesterday NHS England have approved our recent bid for funding. This will allow myself and Polly McRae to start – right now – the complex process of looking for and securing/building new surgery premises. Please do let us know if you are aware of any plots of land that might prove suitable – many pairs of eyes looking could make the difference. There are many stages between this day and seeing our first patient but you can rest-assured that both Polly and I will be giving this our fullest attention and effort.

Best Regards

Paediatric Pulse Oximeter donated by Friends of Warminster Hospital.

We would like to extend our very grateful thanks to the Friends of Warminster Hospital for their donation which has enabled us to purchase a Paediatric Pulse Oximeter for the Surgery.

This piece of equipment was requested by our GP, Dr Chris Goldie. During the Autumn and Winter, but potentially at any time of the year, we are likely to see babies and children with respiratory disease. The younger the child, the more rapidly and severely they may be affected, with a severely affected child struggling for breath and wheezing. In such situations it is important to know how much oxygen is getting into their blood stream, known as Blood Oxygen Saturation, which should be 95% or higher. The physical size of children’s fingers and toes makes measuring this difficult, as adult Pulse Oximeters are not suitable for children and babies.

When a child is found to have a Blood Oxygen Saturation of less than 95% it would be unusual not to involve the Paediatricians in the child’s care, and more often than not this would involve admission to hospital.

Therefore, this piece of equipment is vital in enabling us to effectively treat babies and children with respiratory illnesses.

Friends and Family Test (FFT) Results December 2014 – January 2015

I’m very pleased with the results of our first set of FFT returns. We had a great 72% being ‘Extremely Likely’ to recommend Smallbrook and an overall 96% being ‘Extremely Likely’ or ‘Likely’ to recommend us. Thank you very much to those of you who have responded to this question. Please do be assured that we want to hear from all of our patients, not just those who are happy with the service.

54 forms returned

39 patients said they would be ‘Extremely likely’ to recommend Smallbrook to Friends and Family
13 patients said they would be ‘Likely’ to recommend Smallbrook to Friends and Family
1 patient said they were ‘Neither likely/unlikely’ to recommend Smallbrook to Friends and Family
1 patient said they would be ‘Extremely unlikely’ recommend Smallbrook to Friends and Family

There are several subjects to cover this month; as usual there is a lot going on in the NHS! If you have any queries please feel to discuss with me.

Dr Tanja Buchner leaving Smallbrook

My first item is to report the sad news that Dr Tanja Buchner will be leaving Smallbrook at the end of February. Her last day with us will be February 25th. I know that all the staff here at Smallbrook will miss her greatly and I have no doubt that will be the case for her patients also. I do not have any information to offer at this time regarding our plans for her replacement. It is astonishingly difficult to recruit GPs at the moment but please be assured that I will be doing all I can to ensure the smooth running of the practice. I will be posting the information as soon as I have anything definitive to announce.

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